Disturbing Numbers From the Us to Germany, From China to Brazil


The US recorded 1,592 deaths related to Covid-19 in 24 hours, the worst daily toll in two and a half months. This is what emerges from the data of Johns Hopkins University, according to which there are 149,085 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency. In the States in 24 hours there are also more than 60 thousand new infections, after a slight decrease in the two previous days, which lead to 4,346,748 confirmed cases.

Donald Trump reiterated that hydroxychloroquine works at least “in the early stages” against Covid-19, although there is no evidence that the malaria drug is effective in treating coronavirus. “Many doctors think that hydroxychloroquine coupled with zinc and perhaps azithromycin is hugely successful,” he said at a press conference. “As you know I took it for a period of 14 days. And as you know I am here. I think it works in the early stages” of the disease, he added.

101 new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours in China , 98 of which have been transmitted locally. The local health authorities have communicated this, highlighting concern about the situation in Xinjang, the region most affected at the moment, which has seen an increase of 89 infections. Earlier this month, experts from the National Health Commission of China had assured that the Xinjang epidemic would “slow down in the following days”: this is not what happened. At the time, 17 new infections per day were recorded in the region. In the Liaoning region of northeastern China, where an outbreak linked to a fish farm in the city of Dalian has broken out, there are eight new infections, two more than yesterday. Three more ‘imported’ cases

The situation in Hong Kong is heavy With the sharp increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, the Hong Kong hospital-health system may soon “collapse”. This is the alarm raised by the head of the city-state government, Carrie Lam, who has invited the population to stay at home so as not to feed an outbreak that is likely to expand “on a large scale”. Hong Kong, which in the initial phase of the pandemic was indicated as an example in the management of the epidemic crisis, has for some time now recorded over one hundred cases of infection per day. A month ago the average number of daily infections was less than 10. Carrie Lam warned that Hong Kong is “on the verge of a large-scale epidemic that could lead to the collapse of the hospital system and cost the life” to many citizens , “

There are 40 thousand new cases of coronaviruses in Brazil in one day, with an overall number of infected people rising 2,483,191. According to the Brazilian health authorities, 921 have been killed in the last 24 hours and the victims of Covid-19 have thus reached 88,539.

The  Mexico  has now exceeded the threshold of 400,000 coronavirus infections after having recorded 7,208 new cases in the last 24 hours. The total contagion balance, in fact, is now 402,697. Mexican authorities have also confirmed 854 new deaths from coronavirus. The total victims since the start of the pandemic are 44,876.

The Germany has confirmed 684 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, then updating the overall budget of infections to 206,926, according to the latest data from the Institute for Infectious Diseases Robert Koch. There are six deaths related to Covid-19, for a total of 9,128. The situation in Germany is worrying and the Teutonic country is afraid of being at the beginning of the real second wave.


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In  Spain,  905 other cases of Covid-19 have been registered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of infections to 280,610. According to the Ministry of Health, most of the new cases have been confirmed in the communities of Aragon (357), Madrid (147) and Catalonia (126). Health authorities reported two more deaths, for a total of 28,436 deaths.



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