Brad Pitt and the “Still Nonexistent Relationship” With His Son Maddox


No contact between Brad Pitt and his son Maddox . According to US Weekly reports , in fact, relations between the American actor and the eighteen-year-old boy would continue to be ” non-existent “. According to the reconstructions, the two would have had a furious fight in the plane in 2016, during a trip to Los Angeles : a fracture so important that even today, four years later, it is difficult to recompose.

Meanwhile, Pitt seems to have come to a truce with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, who last month told the reasons for the divorce for the first time : “I parted for the sake of my family , my children,” he said. said in an interview with British Vogue. «It was the right decision. I continue to focus on the recovery of the boys: despite the many lies they read in the media, they know the truth ».

The « Brangelina » said goodbye in 2016 , after more than ten years together and six children: Maddox, in fact, then Pax (16), Zahara (15), Shiloh (13) and the twins Knox and Vivienne (12). “They are very brave and strong, ” revealed Angelina. Still according to US Weekly, however, Pitt would not be having a good time even with Pax: ” They don’t talk, ” reveals the insider. “Even without the presence of Maddox”.

The Oscar winner , in fact, hoped that without the influence of his eldest son – who moved to Seoul to do university – he would have recovered contacts with Pax in the meantime , but for now it seems he has not succeeded. Brad, however, has never hidden his desire to mend relationships in the family, so much so that last February it was rumored that he had not presented himself to the Bafta to go and talk to Maddox.

The news has not been denied or confirmed , but one thing is certain: “Brad has always tried to protect his children from advertising resulting from his fame, ” a source told TMZ . “He would like them to spend a normal life .” Of course, staying as close to them as possible .