Coronavirus: 1,153 Infections in Spain in 24 Hours. United States: 150 Thousand Victims


MADRID -The red alert comes from Spain. Also from the Balearic islands, where there are many German and French tourists. There have been 1,153 new coronavirus infections in Spain in the past 24 hours. Five of the dead. It is the highest number since May 2, when 1,178 new positives were registered. La Vanguardia reports it.

UNITED STATES –  At least 150 thousand people died in the United States from coronavirus. This is what emerges from the database of the New York Times, according to which the US states defined as ‘red zones’ have risen to 21, with an unprecedented boom of infections. According to Johns Hopkins University data, there have been 1,592 deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest number in two and a half months, out of 60,000 new cases.

CHINA  – China is still seeing cases of coronavirus rising to the highs of the last 4 months or so: new infections have risen to 101 in the count reported on Tuesday announced today by the National Health Commission, up from 68 on Monday. Of the total, 98 are the domestic transmission infections, of which 89 detected in Xinjiang, 8 in Liaoning and one in Beijing. The three remaining cases were classified as imported and were detected in Guangdong (2) and Shanghai (1). There were 27 new asymptomatic ascertained.

HONG KONG – The Hong Kong hospital system could collapse with the surge in Covid-19 cases: it is the alarm launched by Governor Carrie Lam who, inviting to stay at home, explained that the city is “on the verge of a hotbed of large-scale community. ” Today the new anti-pandemic rules have entered into force, including the use of mandatory masks and the closure of restaurants. Hong Kong, which has dealt well with the pandemic in the initial stages, continues to register more than 100 infections a day, when less than a month ago the daily average was below ten.

JAPAN – For the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of daily infections in Japan exceeds a thousand, with the situation becoming alarming in the main urban centers of the country. According to the data of the public channel NHK, the city of Osaka has recorded over 200 cases, a number never so high; another 155 infections have been reported in Aichi prefectures, and 70 in Kanagawa. An upward trend that does not seem to diminish even in Tokyo, after the metropolitan government has reported another 250 cases today, with 64% of the total affecting young people between 20 and 30 years of age. The total sum of infections in the capital now settles at 11,861: more than a third of all cases in the country. The latest statistics coincide with the long four-day holiday bridge observed last weekend which in fact appears to have expanded the spread of the virus, despite the central government having excluded Tokyo from the campaign of incentives for the promotion of domestic tourism. Okinawa, the island south of the archipelago, is no exception, with 45 new infections, a new high for the third consecutive day.

LIBYA  – Libya has registered another 190 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 3,017. The Libyan National Center for Disease Control announced this on its official Facebook page, stating that the death toll rises to 67, the healed to 579, and the current positive people from 2186 to 2371, with most cases in the South Local sources report that the health authorities of the Tripoli government are considering reintroducing total lockdown measures in several cities starting the day after the Islamic holiday of Aid Al Adha.

ISRAEL – The spread of coronavirus in Israel remains high. In the last 24 hours 2093 infections were detected, equal to 8.3% of the tests performed. The overall number of positive cases – the ministry of health reported – has risen to 66,805. There are currently 33,618 people infected. 32,865 of them are in their own homes or in special hotels. 753 patients are hospitalized, 322 of whom are in serious condition. 98 of them are under intensive care. In two hospitals – Hadassah in Jerusalem, and Assaf ha-Rofe ‘(Tel Aviv) – coronavirus departments are unable to receive other patients, which are forwarded elsewhere. There were 490 deaths. Yesterday, meanwhile, the Commissioner for the fight against coronavirus Ronni Gamzu presented an emergency plan called the “Shield of Israel” which also provides for the use of army structures in an attempt to quickly break the chain of infection. The organization of military units will take at least two weeks in his opinion, and another two weeks will be needed to see the first effects.

BULGARIA –  250 new coronavirus infections have been reported in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours, with the total rising to 10,871. As regional media reports, there have been eight other deaths since yesterday, which brings the number of victims to 355. There are 699 patients in hospital, 40 of whom are in intensive care. There have been 5,766 healed so far. 638 health workers are infected with the virus.

SLOVENIA  – In Slovenia there have been 14 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, which bring the total number of infections to 2,115 since the beginning of the epidemic. No other victims were recorded, the number of which remains at 117. There are 21 patients in the hospital, four of whom are in intensive care.

UKRAINE  – New cases of Covid-19 registered in Ukraine in the last 24 hours have risen to 1,022, an increase compared to 919 new cases yesterday and 807 on Monday. However, the tests carried out have also increased: 14,939 yesterday, 12,655 Monday and 7,064 Sunday. This was announced by Ukrainian Health Minister Maksim Stepanov, taken from the Kyiv Post. Most of the new infections are concentrated in the Lviv region (149), in Kiev (132), in the Ivano-Frankivsk region (118) and in the Kharkiv region (78). The total number of infections detected since the beginning of the epidemic thus rises to 67,597. During the last day, there were also 21 deaths caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus which raised the total number of victims in Ukraine to 1,650.

COLOMBIA – The government of Colombia has announced the extension of the quarantine in force in the country to combat the coronavirus pandemic until the end of August, while maintaining the opening measures for some essential economic activities. “With the experts – explained the president of the republic Iván Duque – we made the following decision: the mandatory preventive isolation, as a general criterion, will be extended until August 30”. The head of state added that municipalities with “low case histories” of contagions will maintain the “process of gradual recovery of the activities of the sectors” of the economy that “do not however involve a high participation of people in the same place”. According to the latest report from the Colombian health authorities, the number of infections has risen to 267 in the last 24 hours.



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