Elisabetta Canalis, Doubts About the Authenticity of the Showgirl’s Relationship With George Clooney – Libero Quotidiano

George Clooney , the sexiest man in the world according to People’s ranking , conquered by an Italian:  Elisabetta Canalis , It happens in 2009. Many are incredulous and the first gossip is born, also fed by the actor’s friends. Brad Pitt’s foolish statement : “Angelina Jolie and I are for gay unions and we will only get married when George can marry his partner,” makes a fuss: Pitt is Clooney’s best friend and the two joke with each other, but the gossip has started and nothing will stop it, writes Corriere della Sera.

 A French gravure asserts that Canalis has been contracted to make a fake girlfriend, 30 thousand euros per month for the cachet . Elizabeth in the photos with Clooney never laughs. A body language expert identifies ten gestures of Elizabeth that would unequivocally demonstrate how points you get married. Tuesday 21 June 2011 Novella 2000 goes to press with the title: “Elisabetta runs away from the Clooney home” and writes that the gloomy mood of the girl, defeated by the media pressure , had the best and that she was the one who slammed the door. The next day, an official statement confirms that the two broke up. But the mystery has always remained.