Kendall Jenner Shows His Home on AD


Those who have read us for a while know well our passion for the houses of our famous friends, therefore they know well that we could not fail to show you this new precious pearl.

This is the “refuge” where Kendall Jenner lives , the protagonist of the September issue of the authoritative Architectural Digest magazine  .

A house very different from the one in which her younger sister Kylie lives , much more pop, but no less sophisticated and luxurious, on the contrary!

“His tastes were surprising, more bohemian and funky than the rest of his family.” He clearly explained the team of designers who worked to create a perfect home for the 24 year old “We were all very fascinated to find out that Kendall has very good taste for his age. We know many people who travel, but who does not absorb anything from what they see. She welcomes everything and is sure of the things that remain etched. “

Satisfying Kenny’s requests must not have been easy:

My life involves a lot of chaos, travel and a lot of energy, so I wanted a house that was peaceful, a place where I could simply escape and relax .” she explained to the editorial staff of AD.

The result? Find out in the gallery below and then let me know what you think.