Levitating Will Be With Madonna and Missy Elliott


There was a rumor a few days ago, now we have the confirmation, Dua Lipa will collaborate with Madonna and Missy Elliott , but not on the Wonder Woman soundtrack, but on the Levitating remix, fifth single bomb from her successful “Future Nostalgia” Era.

We were already cheering on the single even before the remix, and we are happy that the choice has finally fallen on this POP bomb!

Here are the words of Dua Lipa about this Remix

Levitating will be remixed by DJ The Blessed Madonna and will be a featuring with two of my idols, Madonna and Missy Elliott, will be released on August 14, dreams come true, let’s go!

Now let’s just hope that the remix by the American DJ The Blessed Madonna was previously called The Black Madonna.

Dua Lipa does not try to amaze and work in this pandemic period. Fresh from the success of her album “Future Nostalgia”, the singer is now ready for the Wonder Woman soundtrack .

Apparently there will be at least two songs by Dua Lipa , and with two very thick featuring. A duet, the most discussed, will apparently be with Madonna, the other instead will be with rapper Missy Elliott.

A truly remarkable double hit for Dua Lipa, who proves to be one of the hottest artists of the moment, with her absolutely trendy pop music .

For Madonna it is yet another duet with an artist of the new generation, remember that she has already worked with Maluma, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, MIA, and many others.

We are really curious to know more, also because the news has not yet been made official. According to the source, the soundtrack will be released in August.