Summit, the Most Powerful US Supercomputer Against COVID-19



The global network of high-performance super-systems (HPC) enlisted against COVID-19 can count on a consortium led by hi-tech companies, the distributed computing system of [email protected] and the new super-machines being developed. realization at the US academy. Donald Trump allowing, to combat the uncontrolled spread of the most dangerous pathogen since the advent of the Spanish, there will now also be the Summit supercomputer .

Launched in 2018, Summit is the currently most powerful HPC system available in the United States . Managed by the Department of Energy (DOE) and installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory , Summit has a theoretical maximum computational capacity of 200 petaFLOPS – or 200,000 billions of floating point calculations per second.

Summit’s power will join existing initiatives to accelerate research against COVID-19. In particular, says the DOE, the US super-system will capitalize on its “unsurpassed ability to analyze huge integrated datasets” to extrapolate information about possible drug treatments against coronavirus .

Since the beginning of the year, Summit had already been used in research on COVID-19, making the power necessary to model the behavior and protein structure of the virus available to the American Center for Infectious Diseases (CDC) and WHO .

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