Taylor Swift in “Folklore” Has Revealed the Name of Blake Lively’s Third Daughter


A little less than a year after the birth of the third daughter , Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were not really thinking about revealing the girl’s name . The two actors – among the most reserved in Hollywood – have in fact always kept as much as possible everything related to their private life. But now an exception has been allowed to Taylor Swift , who on his new album, Folklore , already record, sings the name of the daughter of his dear friends.

A song like this is dedicated to the third daughter of the actors and bears its name in the title: Betty . In addition to the all-female family: James, born in 2014, and Inez, born in 2016. The lyrics of the song intertwine the story of a girl named Betty with that of two other girls: Inez and James . So making two plus two for the fans was very easy. And after the clues of the fans came the confirmation of the always well informed People: yes, the girl is called Betty.

Mum Blake also wanted to congratulate her friend’s new job via social media. «Thanks Taylor Swift! Like you, Folklore is full of heart, soul, humor, passion, intelligence, ingenuity, fantasy, reality, imagination, strength, vulnerability and above all: love “, wrote the actress on Instagram.

Blake and Ryan met on the Green Lantern set in 2010 . After the previous amorous disappointments – she had just returned from her engagement to Leonardo DiCaprio, he had ended the marriage with her colleague Scarlett Johansson – Blake and Ryan preferred to hang out with friends first. But today they are one of the most beautiful couples, in love and envied in Hollywood. In addition to being one of the most reserved.

In 2012 they got married in secret, managing to keep the location top secret until the last moment: they exchanged the fateful “yes” in South Carolina , then the children arrived. We want our children to have the same normal life that we had ,” explained the actors. The Reynolds family lives in a small town in New York state, off the beaten track , and perhaps one of the secrets of their happiness lies in this out of the choir choice. And in friends like Taylor Swift.