The Girls I’ve Been, Millie Bobby Brown Star of the Netflix Movie


After “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes”, Millie Bobby Brown is ready for a new Netflix project

Millie Bobby Brown’s career isn’t tied solely to “Stranger Things”, although Eleven’s is still his most successful role today. The young actress is working to expand her filmography, adding titles and characters that can remain in the public’s imagination.


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In addition to playing Enola Holmes , alongside Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin, Brown will also be at the center of the new Netflix project, ” The Girls I’ve Been “. A film that will propose the adaptation of Tess Sharpe’s novel. A splendid news for the fans of the actress, which comes after the announcement of the nomination for the Emmy Awards for “Stranger Things”, for best Drama Series.

A project that also sees Jason Bateman among the great characters involved, adored by Netflix audiences in the Emmy-nominated “Ozark” series, in the same category as the Duffer brothers’ show.

The Girls I’ve Been, la trama

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Here is the plot of the well-known novel by Tess Sharpe , from which the Netflix adaptation starring Millie Bobby Brown will be drawn. The character at the center of the plot is Nora O’Malley , who in her life has worn the clothes of a large number of girls.

This is due to the fact that she grew up with her mother, a scam artist. Over the years he has targeted numerous men, then tricked them and passed on to the next victim. However, everything changed when the woman fell in love with one of the victims, deciding to change her life. Nora has therefore decided to abandon her mother and that uncomfortable situation. He runs away and for five years goes straight.

However, he will find himself in an uncomfortable situation to say the least. Engaged in the bank, she sees a gang ready to turn that day into a real nightmare. Suddenly he turns into a hostage and will have to dust off the skills learned alongside his mother to survive.