Twenty Years Ago Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Married, Now Separated but Everyone Would Like Them Together


Twenty years ago, yes you read that right, twenty years ago two of the most acclaimed and famous Hollywood actors swore eternal love. It was July 29, 2000 when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt became husband and wife. The sweethearts of America, almost a cliche for two beautiful and famous like them, became one of the most followed, paparazzi and admired couples ever. She, the Rachael of Friends who led the dark Joe to the altar to introduce you to Joe Black; he unquestionably handsome and bold who takes the girl next door by the hand, witty and charming in his simplicity. In short, Jennifer and Brad became the golden couple of the star system, everyone loved them and they too, to see from the glow emanating from their eyes, loved each other so much. But as often happens, even love is not eternal, and when they said goodbye in 2005 they broke the hearts of millions of fans.

Yet two decades have already passed since that day when every girl soap and water savored the little victory of “I did it”, because next to a man like Brad Pitt, useless to hide, few would not think so. Although the romance seemed to be booming, there was something that in the long run led the two to separate, as Aniston said in an interview in 2018: ” My marriages have not been very successful. When they are finished is because we both chose to be happy, and sometimes happiness does not consist in that agreement anymore “. So yes, it is so, Brad and Jennifer decided to take different paths and the pink chronicles tell that the set of the film Mr & Mrs Smith , in which the, ended a love story that seemed destined to never end.

So it was that both started again: new marriage, new love, new life. Brad got married to Angelina, while Jennifer wanted Justin Thieroux at his side , yet in both cases the story did not end with a happy ending. The Brangelina family, after a string of children, two of whom were natural, understood that they could no longer be together and the diva repeatedly spoke of the reasons that led her to file for divorce. The magic is also over for Jen who, after only two years, found herself having to say goodbye to this love too. Since both of them officially returned single, although rumors of the genre had taken turns even when they were busy, fans have hoped with all their might that they could get back together.

This last photo, taken at the 26th Screen Actor Guild Awards ceremony where the two embraced each other, exchanged affectionate kisses and stopped to chat for a long time, rekindled a glimmer of hope. The complicity seems to be that of twenty years ago, the smiles too, yet the actress has always declared that she does not think about her ex from a sentimental point of view. It is true that, at times, “some loves don’t end, they make huge laps and then they come back”, but the times are not yet ripe to say if it is also the case for Brad and Jen, it may be that the fans are more forward-looking than directly interested and sooner or later the two stars will take that step that will take them out of the friend-zone.