Coronavirus in the World: Infections Between Doctors, Two Hospitals in the Philippines Closed. Melbourne Rebels Against the Lockdown


The pandemic has killed nearly 690,000 people worldwide since late December, according to a report established by AFP on Monday. Over 18 million cases have been officially registered, of which at least 10 million have been treated. The United States is the country most affected with over 154 thousand deaths. Then came Brazil with 94 thousand, Mexico 47 thousand, United Kingdom 46 thousand and India 38 thousand. Non-essential activities will close at midnight on Wednesday in Melbourne in Victoria State, Australia’s second largest city already under curfew on Sunday. Russia says it will soon be able to produce hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses per month and “several million” from the beginning of 2021. 

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Citizens challenge the lockdown in Australia

Canberra intervenes to stem protests in Victoria state, in lockdown since Sunday. Citizens break the rules, risking a fine of up to 3 thousand euros. Police in the city of Melbourne, the area most affected by the virus, warned that people who resist blocking measures are increasing, sometimes even violently. A young policewoman was repeatedly hit in the head by a woman who did not want to wear a mask.

More than half of Australia’s 18,000 cases have been recorded in the state of Victoria in the past month with 230 deaths.

Soaring in the Philippines: second national lockdown

Too many infections, the two main hospitals in Manila closed. From today 27 million people in Manila and its surroundings are once again in lockdown after the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte following a surge in coronavirus cases. The two hospitals in the capital have been temporarily closed due to a sudden increase in infections between doctors and nurses and some private clinics are sending patients home because they no longer have beds. There are 106-330 cases of Covid-19 in the Philippines which risks becoming the most affected country in Southeast Asia, surpassing Indonesia. There were 2,104 victims of the coronavirus. The tests carried out are still very few.

Latin America, the most affected region in the world

The area has exceeded 5 million confirmed cases, according to Reuters reports, becoming the region most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic. Health experts, reports the news agency, say it has been difficult to control the virus due to poverty and densely crowded cities. The dead have exceeded the budget of 200 thousand. Brazil’s total approached 96,000 on Monday and Mexico surpassed 48,000. The two countries have the second and third highest death tolls in the world, after the United States. North America is the region with the second highest number of cases. More than 100 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean live in the slums, according to the United Nations. “If urgent measures are not taken, this emergency could turn into a food, humanitarian and political crisis,” warned the UN report. L’

Trump writes to his supporters

“Patriots wear masks”: it’s the title of an e-mail signed by Donald Trump sent to his fans. In the text, the American president invites to wear it against the pandemic, with a total back-front. “I know there has been some confusion around the use of the mask, but I think it is something that we should all try to do when we are unable to keep the social distance,” reads.

The situation in the world: graphs and maps
The timeline

“I don’t like wearing it,” admits the tycoon, noting that it “could help us get back to the American way of life that many of us rightly loved before being so terribly affected by the Chinese virus.”