Coronavirus in the World: The Surge Between March and April and the Data Quadrupled Since Then. All the Charts

Global evolution: the start of the pandemic, the subsequent Covid surge between mid-March and April. Since then, the new contagions do not go down anymore and today they have quadrupled. But that’s not all: here is what the graphic designers tell us in the world and in Italy, the United States, China and Spain

On Friday 31 July, Covid-19’s new record of daily infections was hit worldwide , towards the psychological threshold of 300 thousand infections . Below we show you the graph with the global trend of new cases since the start of the pandemic  to show you also in image how it is evolving in the world and how much the situation and therefore the perception are different from country to country, including Italy. The data are those that can be consulted by everyone on Google and the sources are those that come from Wikipedia, from the ministries of health of the various countries, from the New York Times and other authoritative sources and from the World Health Organization. Strike as well  comparisons between the various curves . We show you this in the gallery also the daily trend of the infections  in four key countries: Italy (epicenter for a long time), the United States (where there is now the most serious situation), China (where the epidemic has started) and Spain (where the increase in cases has resumed recently) . The graphs are updated as the last day on the right to yesterday 1 August but start from five different dates, since when they were considered increasingly relevant according to the contexts: 21 January for the world series, 23 February for Italy, 4 March for the United States, January 18 for China, March 1 for Spain. To browse the gallery with the five graphics just click on the arrows on the right and left. 

Already a first visual comparison suggests many elements. Some strike more than others. For example, when China recalculates cases between 16 and 17 February and alarms the world by marking over a thousand new infections, we see an increase in the world graph that is clearly visible but small in a “low” September curve compared to today. Around March 20 when Italy marks its maximum peaks with over five thousand new daily infections  , the world trend also marks a decisive and constant rise . From April 1 in the world there are more than 70 thousand cases , it will never go down again: it happens when in the United States the epidemic starts to increase. The US seems to be the decisive variable: the world and American charts are the most similar. After May 20, there are more than 100 thousand new infections in the world, 200 thousand at the beginning of July and now we are moving towards 300 thousand. The United States seems to proceed in parallel as a trend increase  having recently exceeded 70 thousand daily.

As for the other charts,  Italy seems to maintain the downward trend albeit with some daily changes. In China for now, in absolute terms, the line is flat, albeit with a very slight recovery, very recent and for now not even noticeable in the curve. Even the numbers of its infected at the beginning of the year, when the pandemic started from there, seem absolutely very low  compared to those that are now registered in the world. The case of Spain , which is perhaps the most frightening now in Europe, actually marks a recovery in July, still far from its peaks at the end of March .