US Elections 2020, the Republican Convention Will Be Closed to the Press


The decision, lost to contain the contagions from Covid-19, is unprecedented in modern American history. The event, already heavily downsized, is scheduled for August 21-24 in Charlotte, North Carolina

With an unprecedented decision in modern American history, the late August Republican convention scheduled in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be closed to the press. Cnn reports it, quoting a party spokesperson. To ensure respect for the social distancing owed to Coronavirus, journalists will not be allowed to be present where delegates will vote to formally nominate President Donald Trump as Republican candidate for president for the elections of November 3, 2020. However, it will be possible to follow the votes via streaming. (CORONAVIRUS: LIVE UPDATES – THE COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST CONTACT IN THE WORLD).

The fears related to Coronavirus infections

Use 2020, Trump hypothesizes the postponement of the vote until it is safe

The republican convention will take place from August 21 to 24 and the spokesman explained that the decision to close the event to the press is linked to the restrictions imposed by local authorities to limit the spread of the infections from Covid-19. The Charlotte event had already been heavily downsized due to the pandemic and opposition from local authorities to the full-scale event that would attract thousands of delegates, guests and journalists.

The reorganization of the events of the Republicans

The republican party had therefore left part of the work to Charlotte, reducing the number of delegates present, and President Trump had moved the coronation evening to Jacksonville, Florida. But the tycoon was then forced to cancel this appointment as Florida has become one of the new epicenter states of the pandemic in the United States. Furthermore, the United States still remains the first country in the world by number of infections.