Covid, Europe Trembles: Belgium Announces Second Wave


Belgium announces second wave , in Germany the number of contagions rises, Romania travels on an average of over a thousand cases a day, in France Macron launches yet another appeal for the use of the mask that could soon become mandatory in Paris .

Europe is afraid and is still going in sparse order to face the unknown factor of the invisible enemy whose entity, according to the signs, will be known well before autumn. “It is clear that the second wave of Covid-19 has arrived . The number of infections »in Belgium«It is growing and it is not a small increase. We don’t know how long and how long the curves will last, ”says Steven Van Gucht, president of the scientific committee on coronavirus of the Institute of Health, Sciensano. And it tries to downplay by stressing that “this second wave may not have dramatic consequences” because the measures put in place by the National Security Council can work. According to the latest data released by the Belgian health authority, the average number of coronavirus infections rose to 517.1 between 25 and 31 July, with a 60% increase over the previous week. The total number of infections is now 70,314, the deaths are 9,850. 

The number of infections in Germany has also risen again in the last 24 hours (212,539 cases in total and 9,162 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University), with 870 new cases, according to the Robert Koch Institut. “We are already in a small second wave,” warns the president of the Association of German Marburger Bund doctors Susanne Johna. «The danger is to nullify the successes collected so far », is Johna’s fear and, even if the growth is not comparable to the numbers of March and April and the hospitals are prepared to welcome patients, «there is the danger of playing the successes so far collected. “

Test on Romanian citizens arriving in Rome – Foto Ansa / Giuseppe Lami ©

Worryingly the Romania , the most affected among the countries of the Balkans, with 1,232 new cases in the last 24 hours bringing the total to 55,241. There were 48 deaths. Those arriving in Italy from Romania, as well as from Bulgaria, are under a quarantine obligation for two weeks while entry is forbidden for the other Balkan countries outside the EU: Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina , North Macedonia.

The alarm for the resumption of the infections does not cease even in Spain where the Mutua Madrid Open 2020 of tennis has also been canceled. In France , President Emmanuel Macron returns to insist on the need to continue to apply the safety guidelines, wearing the mask in the first place, and to remain “vigilant” before the coronavirus, which “continues to circulate”, also in Paris . The capital is Covid’s third case department, and Mayor Anne Hidalgo thinks of making the mask mandatory in some areas: the most commercial streets, the promenades, the parks and gardens, the open-air markets.

WHO has launched the #maskchallenge social campaign – Foto Epa / Sergei Ilnitsky ©

On the mask tip of the ‘ WHO launching a new awareness campaign, “Mask Challenge” . “We post a photo of ourselves on social networks while wearing the mask to set a good example and show our commitment against the spread of the virus,” says the message. A warning that comes on the day when Latin America crosses the threshold of 5 million cases and 202,000 victims. The Brazil remains the most affected country with nearly 95 thousand deaths. The United States are the hardest hit in the world with more than 4,730,000 cases and over 156,000 victims (6,321 sick in 24 hours). After the USA and Brazil the third country is still India with 1,855,745 infections. The victims in the Asian country are 38,938.

Meanwhile, a WHO arrives from the WHO about the origins of the pandemic. Although the first outbreaks of atypical pneumonia were recorded in China, in the city of Wuhan , the jump from species to animals did not necessarily occur right there. The new hypothesis is advanced by Michael Ryan, executive director of the UN agency emergency program, who at the press conference in Geneva reported the results of the mission of a WHO team of experts who went to China to prepare an international expedition that will attempt to shed light on the origin of Covid-19 .  

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