Scientists Warn: COVID-19 Will Worsen in the US


Scientists warn: Covid-19 will worsen in the US It is feared that the virus may spread to rural and urban areas of remote states

Scientists warn: Covid-19 will worsen in the US
Scientists warn: Covid-19 will worsen in the US

The United States is in crisis, while Coronavirus seems not to stop, continuing its spread. And the economy is also going up, which sees the US GDP collapse on an annual basis of 32.9% . 32 million unemployed, many historic stores close like Lord & Taylor, a chain founded in 1826 that closed 40 US stores.

Meanwhile, a few months after the new US President’s elections, Republicans and Democrats are arguing to launch a federal aid plan, with Democrats asking for family support and aid for cities and states that are at risk of bankruptcy. If they fail to reach a parliamentary agreement, lawyers for the White House are considering whether the President can authorize extensions of the subsidies of unemployment .

What worries Americans, however, is the trend of the epidemic , which does not seem to stop and which seems out of control. July is the worst month since the pandemic began in the US, with 1.86 million infections. In the last 10 days 155 thousand deaths with peaks of almost 1,500 deaths per day. California, Texas and Florida overtook New York in terms of infection. There are only 4 states with few cases: Arizona, Delaware, Maine and Utah.

Meanwhile, scientists raise the alarm regarding the spread of the virus in the US , fearing it could move to rural and urban areas of remote states. Unlike many countries in the world, the United States is currently unable to control this epidemic, ” say from John Hopkins University. In another report by the Association of Americam Medical Colleges it reads: ” If the nation does not change soon the way it is dealing with the emergency, deaths in the United States could still rise to multiples of hundreds of thousands.” 

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