Trump in TV Interview Denies the Severity of the COVID-19 Epidemic in the USA


US President Donald Trump refused to admit the gravity of the high death rate from COVID-19 in the country in a tumultuous television interview during which he instead lobbied for more flattering statistics. Trump crossed arms with political reporter Jonathan Swan of “Axios on HBO” in an interview that aired yesterday evening.

During the confrontation Swan attempted to put pressure on the president on the death rate in the United States. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States is the tenth worst country in terms of mortality rate, or deaths as a percentage of the population, with 47.50 per 100,000 inhabitants. “It can not be done?” Trump said. “Why not?” asked the reporter. “Here, here is the United States,” continued the president, browsing through some graphs, “you have to go by chance, people who live for how many cases,” he added.

In substance Trump wanted to talk about the fatality rate or the percentage of ascertained cases that prove fatal, which improved compared to spring, and is slightly better than the world average, at 3.3%. The problem with the fatality rate is that it depends on the number of tests that are carried out in each country. The more mild cases are found in tests, the lower the fatality rate.

So countries that test only symptomatic people will have a higher rate. Swan and Trump had a heated confrontation over what data the president approved, which exasperated the reporter.