Who Issues the Alarm, the Solution Against COVID-19 May Never Arrive. Details in the Video


CORONAVIRUS: WHO launches the ALARM, the SOLUTION against COVID-19 may NEVER arrive. The details in the VIDEO


Those who hope that , in a matter of weeks or at
most months, there could be a SOLUTION against COVID-19, they could
be disappointed.
And it is not the virologists or epidemiologists who are Italian or from other nations of the world that launch the ALARM
, but official sources such as the WHO , the
World Health Organization, led by the general manager, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “A number of vaccines are currently in phase
three of clinical trials and we all hope to have a range of
effective vaccines that can help prevent people from getting infected.”
However, “Ghebreyesus continued,” there is
currently no “silver bullet” , and it may never be there. “

And confirming what the
WHO leaders said , there are statements by Deborah Birx , the doctor who leads the
White House coronavirus response task force. Birx made it clear
that the United States has entered a “new phase” : the epidemic is on
rise in both rural and urban areas and now touches isolated areas
that were counting on this to protect themselves. “What we are
seeing today is different from March and April,” Birx said. “It is
extraordinarily widespread.”

According to the Washington Post, Alaska, Hawaii,
Missouri, Montana and Oklahoma are among the states that have experienced the
strongest increase
in infections in the past week; worrying trends are
also registered in some cities of the East Coast and the Midwest. And now
the attention is also focused on the cities where there are colleges, considering
that courses resume in September. Recall that the United
States is now at over 4 and a half million
confirmed cases and more than 150 thousand deaths,
according to calculations of Johns Hopkins University. Worldwide, however, more
than 18 million infected and 692,000 deaths.