Covid-19, Usa: 1,260 Deaths in the Last 24 Hours



The growth of new coronavirus infections in the United States does not stop, where 1,262 deaths with Covid-19 have been recorded in the last 24 hours. According to the latest data from John Hopkins University, 53,158 new cases of infection were diagnosed yesterday, August 5. The toll of infections since the beginning of the pandemic in the US thus exceeds 4.82 million infections, with 158,000 deaths with coronavirus. Despite the ever-worsening numbers, Donald Trump, in his usual Covid-19 briefing in Washington, said the virus was “fading”. Opinion not shared by industry experts, according to which since June the coronavirus epidemic is experiencing a new upsurge in the US, in particular states in the South and West of the country.

Trump: “Vaccine by the end of 2020”

“We are making important progress in developing a vaccine against Covid-19,” said the head of the White House during a press conference. “I think we will have the vaccine before the end of the year, perhaps well before the end of the year,” he added, reiterating the importance of anti-contagion measures. “Social distancing is also important and it is important to isolate oneself from groups at risk to fight this terrible virus”, against which the USA are however achieving “great successes”.

Coronavirus, Trump censored by Facebook and Twitter

Two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have blocked Donald Trump for posting disinformation posts about the coronavirus. Facebook removed a video from the president’s page in which it referred to “near immunity of children”. “This video – the company explained in a note – includes false claims that a group of people are immune to Covid-19, which constitutes a violation of our policies on disinformation about coronavirus”. For the same reason, Twitter temporarily blocked Donald Trump’s presidential campaign account. In order to continue tweeting, account managers will need to delete posts containing misinformation about Covid-19.