“I Think a Vaccine Will Arrive by 2020”


 “We are making important progress in developing a vaccine” against the coronavirus. US President Donald Trump said this during a press conference in Washington. “I think we will have the vaccine before the end of the year, perhaps well before the end of the year,” said Trump.

“Social distancing is also important”, said the head of the White House, “and it is important to isolate oneself from groups at risk to fight this terrible virus”, against which the US is however achieving “great successes” . 

Meanwhile in the country, coronavirus victims have risen to 1,262 in the last 24 hours: according to the latest count from Johns Hopkins University, there are now over 4.8 million confirmed cases of contagion from Covid-19 in the US, while the number of victims arrives to 157.930. According to the American university, 54,000 new infections were recorded yesterday in a single day.
In practice, the country is today the most affected by the pandemic in absolute terms, even if President Donald Trump at a press conference said that the virus was “disappearing”.

According to experts, the Covid-19 epidemic is experiencing a new resurgence in the United States starting from June, a phenomenon that is particularly affecting many states in the south and west of the country. More than half a million infections have occurred in Florida alone.