How Can I Unlock My Memory Card Password?


Smartphones allow us to do wonderful things with our little handheld device and we, therefore need more storage, to save our unforgettable memories by taking photos, videos, and many of the official documents, music, files and much more. The expandable memory concept has soon begun to improve the smartphones’ storage capacity. As all of our sensitive data and files are kept in our memory card, you must keep your password secure so that you do not lose data and privacy.

Small, safe digital memory (SD) micro SD cards are how a range of devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and cameras can store data. to protect card content, micro SD cards may well be secured with a password. However, a micro SD card password is sometimes forgotten or lost as users. Recovery procedures by passwords can save users time and effort reformatting the micro SD card, leading to a loss of data as well. Check out this article.

What is SD Card Encryption?

Unfortunately, without the right password, it is practically impossible to access or decrypt data on your SD card. Android’s encryption algorithm is based on two main variables – the mobile computer and the password. Lose all of these, and your SD card protected data would be unavailable. You can only decrypt the SD card data by inserting the SD card into the mobile device used to encrypt it and entering the correct password when the device is switched on.


Security Password for SD Cards:

While keeping the SD card password is a wise decision, it would be wiser to know how to unlock your password in case you forget it. To help you, we’ll get to know you in some ways to get the password out of your external memory chip.

Security, anyway, is only an illusion, so never think it has always been locked permanently. In this case, your Locked Memory Card is easily unlocked. If possible, I will try to share the best way without losing your data to unlock your memory card.

Forget the SD Card Password?

The default storage of our smartphones has limited memory and the full storage scenario for the device was mitigated by inserting an external memory card into our telephones. You need to claim that we all use smartphones and have a memory card installed into them, to provide some additional space for storing device data. If you forgot your SD card password and are concerned about losing all your saved data in it, it will certainly become a scary scenario. Ok, don’t worry, we’ve given you with some fun and easy ways to delete your SD card password.

Removing Password through the PC:

You will have a PC or laptop to delete the computer password in this way. Please notice, however, that the following measures function for Android devices only.

  • Take your smartphone for Android.
  • Go to the File Manager application.
  • Enter ‘System Folders’ then.
  • A file called ‘mmcstore’ is included in it
  • Transfer the file to your PC or laptop from your phone. You can use any Bluetooth, USB.
  • Now in notepad application, open the transferred file on your laptop.
  • The password can be found there.

How to do it if you don’t have access to any PC or laptop?

Well, I also have the method to recover the password from the android smartphone if you do not have any laptop or computer. You simply have to follow the steps given below:

  • Steps to Unlock and Delete Memory Card Password On Android:
  • Insert the memory card of which you want to remove the password.
  • Download the ES File Explorer file on your smartphone.
  • Go now to the folder of the device and find the mmcstore file.
  • Rename it as mmcstore.txt. and open it.
  • You will also display the memory card’s new name, take note.
  • Now press Delete Memory Card Password in memory card choice and paste the password you saw.
  • You ‘re finished that’s it.


We tend to forget so many important things in other life and the home. Therefore, it isn’t much to forget a password. We use passwords more than keys in the current digital era to unlock online accounts and so it’s hard to keep all the passwords in mind. Another of them is an SD card we need to keep locked to avoid intruders. We wish that you get out of this situation with the above methods.