Microsoft Announces End of Support for Original Edge and Internet Explorer

Microsoft announces end of support for original Edge and Internet Explorer

Microsoft is preparing to drop weight on web browsers and has announced important news for the future of its legacy developments: the original Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft announced in June an updated version of its new Edge Chromium web browser, which in addition to some new features, opted for its availability through Windows Update. Definitive confirmation of the commitment to the new development.

And it is logical. Although it is based on the development of its main rival, Google’s open-source project Chromium , the browser is much better than the previous ones in terms of performance, compatibility with standards, a number of extensions or privacy.

Goodbye to the original Edge and IE 11

Starting March 9, 2021, Microsoft will discontinue security updates for the original EdgeThe browser will continue to function after that date, but without that kind of support, as vulnerable as browsers are, it will simply be rendered useless.

Nor do we believe that on that date there are too many users who use it. Edge Chromium will be the default browser in the next version of Windows, 20H2. If you bet on Microsoft in web browsing, update as soon as possible to the version based on Chromium. 

There are also new features for Internet Explorer 11, a browser that Microsoft maintains solely for business compatibility , but which will no longer be supported by important Microsoft services. The first will be the one dedicated to Microsoft Teams communications, not supported in IE 11 as of November 30, 2020.

Next up will be the Microsoft 365 cloud productivity suite. All its applications and services will no longer be supported in Internet Explorer 11 as of August 17, 2021 . ” After the specified dates, customers will have a degraded experience when using them and in some cases, they will not be able to connect to applications and services,” they explain from Microsoft.

Business customers that rely on IE11 for critical applications will be able to use Microsoft Edge’s IE mode . You already know that Microsoft added a second engine (MSHTML) specifically aimed at running those applications that have not yet been migrated to other modern browsers.

In this way, companies will be able to run them in an Edge tab without the need for any other type of software. And without having to use Internet Explorer 11, which like the original Edge, Microsoft wants to eliminate as soon as possible to dedicate its efforts to the new Edge and regain ground to Chrome.

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