No, Monster has not leaked the price of Xbox Series X

A couple of days ago the information came to the fore that Monster had leaked the price of Xbox Series X. The news came from a raffle carried out by said brand of energy drinks, in which it was indicated, within the summary of conditions, that the accumulated value of the 200 Xbox Series X raffles was $ 119,998.

Well, the logic applied to get the price of Xbox Series X was simple, divide that money by 200 units, which left us a total of $ 599.99. From there, the news has spread like wildfire that this will be the total cost of the console, but there is a problem, and that is that we start from a base that is, from the beginning, wrong.

Let’s see why. First of all, we must bear in mind that Monster raffles the console and a copy of Halo: Infinite for each of the 200 winners. As our regular readers will know, this game has been delayed to 2021, which means that it will not come in a launch pack. We must, therefore, deduct from those $ 599.99 the cost of the game, which should be, at least, $ 59.99.

Xbox Series X pricing is based on an estimate

We already have the first error clear. If we discount the cost of the game we have a total of $ 540 left, but is it really a reliable amount? Well no, Monster herself acknowledges that it is an estimate and that it does not have to have an exact relationship with the real value when the prizes are put on sale.

Are you not sure? Well, it is perfectly indicated where it says:

“Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded (no difference between the estimated value and actual value will be compensated)”.

What should we get out of all this? Well, we still do not have a definitive price, and that the information that has emerged around this draw does not have the value that has been given. I remind you that, according to the latest information, the production cost of Xbox Series X is between 460 and 520 dollars. As we have already told you on other occasions, this leads us to think that it is most likely that the price of Xbox Series X will end up hovering, at most, $ 499.99.

Barring surprises, PS5 should cost $ 499 as well. Both Sony and Microsoft should tend towards a certain price parity to avoid that the user may feel rejection towards the more expensive console. I still think that the price of Xbox Series X will not exceed 499 dollars-euros and that the same will happen with PS5.