Full Xbox Series S specs, will come without optical drive


Tom Warren, one of the most reliable sources of the technological scene, has given its approval to the list of specifications of Xbox Series S has recently leaked Tweak Town, and as we will see below, fits perfectly with the information that we had been seeing during the last months.

Before entering the field I want to remind you that Xbox S Series is the successor to Xbox One S, while Xbox Series X is the successor to Xbox One X. This means that the first will be a new generation console, but inexpensive and that the second will be the true “flagship” of Microsoft.

With this clear, we are going to review all the components of Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Specifications

  • SoC manufactured in 7nm + process.
  • Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz with 16 active threads).
  • Radeon RDNA2 1.55GHz GPU with 1,280 shaders, 80 texturing units, and 32 raster units.
  • 10GB of unified GDDR6 memory.
  • 512 GB SSD with a speed of 2.4 GB / s.
  • Compatible with next-gen games, and with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox titles.
  • No optical drive.
  • Hardware-accelerated ray tracing support.

We are facing a console that, although not apparent to the naked eye, should offer more than the Xbox One X performance. Its GPU has fewer shaders, but it uses a much more advanced architecture, and the Zen 2 processor is “light years away” from AMD’s Jaguar CPU on the Xbox One X.

We must also take into account the weight of the SSD, and the enormous difference in performance that it presents compared to the hard disk that the current Microsoft console mounts.

The latest information that we have had the opportunity to see is very clear, Xbox Series S will be designed to move new generation games in 1440p resolution while maintaining a stable 60 frames per second. I know what you are thinking, that Xbox One X moves games in 4K, and it is true, but pulling rescaling in most cases and with rates of 30 frames per second.

If all goes according to plan, Xbox Series S should hit the market this November with an approximate price of 249-299 euros.