Not Sure What to Watch on Netflix? Shuffle Button Arrives


Despite the huge catalog of series, films, and documentaries on VOD platforms, it seems almost ironic that most of the time we spend more time choosing which programs to watch than actually watching them. A reality that thanks to Netflix, could finally disappear. And it is that as some users anticipate, the video-on-demand platform would already be preparing the implementation of a new “random playback” function.

Although it will not be a completely random choice but will be based on the compatibility index of said programs in relation to our viewing history and those that we have saved in our list, thus ensuring more relevant content and according to our tastes.

And the fact is that the random playback function would not be limited solely to discovering new programs, but could even randomly reproduce some of the episodes of the series that we are currently watching.

Netflix began testing the feature last month, but only on TV apps for a select few members around the world. Thus, according to the photos that these winners have published, we have been able to see how this button would be on the application’s home screen, on the profile selection screen, and under each of the photographs of them. In this way, simply by clicking on this button, we could start to reproduce something related to us without even having to go through the catalog.

However, it is worth mentioning that the platform had already tried similar functions in the past, with a “random episode” button that exclusively played episodes of series that we were already watching, and even a “play something” button. And we must not forget that Netflix has already tested the field of video games, with its own development studio and some titles already released on its Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders series. Is Netflix preparing a big update for its platform?