Oculus and Facebook Finalize Their Integration: Without ‘Login’ There Will Be No ‘Party’


It was a matter of time before it happened: Oculus and Facebook finalize their integration and without login there will be no ‘ party, or what is the same, using virtual reality headsets without having logged in to the social network will get complicated.

According to the Oculus blog, starting in October, users of the devices will be asked to merge their Oculus and Facebook accounts. They will have time until January 1, 2023, to do so, from which time the cases will continue to work, but not with all the games and applications they used to do so until then.

The foregoing is for current Oculus users only. Those who acquire a device from now on are expected to go directly to log in with their Facebook account, given the platform’s policies. And from what is said, the social giant could present a new version of the helmets in September.

Of course, from Facebook, they maintain that it is a measure that will be beneficial for the user, since the connection between contacts will be facilitated and functions such as Horizon, the world of social virtual reality that the company announced last year will be integrated; while privacy between unknown contacts and troll reporting will be improved.

“Using a virtual reality profile backed by a Facebook account and authentic identity helps us protect our community and allows us to offer additional integrity tools,” they explain. Also, you will not need to share your real identity with other players. That is, the user’s privacy will be well protected, except for being using the social network itself.

In any case, these changes should not catch anyone off guard. Since Facebook bought Oculus in 2014, it should be repeated, it was a matter of time before they integrated it into the social network, as with everything they buy. In 2019, the first steps in this direction were taken, with the introduction of social functions that only worked with the Facebook account and the collection of relevant data.