PS4: 7 easy platinum trophies that are fun too


Admittedly, there are quite a few PS4 platinum trophies that you can get hold of in a relatively easy and, above all, fast way. But not every game on the Playstation 4 is really worth playing. But don’t you want to have at least a little bit of fun with the trophy hunt?

7 easy platinum trophies on PS4

We’re going to show you some PS4 games that are not only easy to achieve platinum, but also really fun to get there. So we’re opening the curtain on seven of the easiest premium trophies that don’t cost a lot or require tough gaming skills and are still worth playing by you!

1. The bunker

With The Bunker you dive into the depths of a live action adventure that is by no means for the faint of heart. It tells the story of John, the last survivor of a nuclear disaster in the underground of an oppressive bunker. With the help of real actors like “Hobbit” actor Adam Brown you will experience a thriller of a different kind and you can still pretty easily dust off a platinum trophy on the PS4.

What do i need for platinum? Of the 29 PS4 trophies, 14 are missable, but you can do all of them in a 2-hour playthrough. The game is actually pretty short. If you have problems with collectibles, use this guide .

2. Life is Strange

It’s hard to believe, but yes, getting the Life is Strange platinum trophy is really no rocket science. The atmospheric adventure, which tells the emotional story of Max and Chloe, lets you experience a wonderful, but also threatening journey, with a pinch of inclusion and supernaturalness. The prequel Before the Storm is also ideal for light platinum and a similar mood.

What do i need for platinum? To unlock the dazzling PS4 trophy, all you have to do is play through LiS and take a snapshot with your Polaroid camera on the way.

3. Aer – Memories of Old

In Aer – Memories of Old you transform yourself as a shape shifter into a bird and explore a colorful world in Zelda style. Your airy journey takes you past ancient ruins, along an endless sky to numerous floating islands, on which puzzles have to be solved and secrets uncovered.

What do i need for platinum? All 21 trophies are pretty easy to get hold of. With the exception of the game of hide-and-seek trophy, you can’t miss any of the achievements and just have to show a little enthusiasm for discovery and socializing. You will receive most of them almost automatically during your explorations and encounters.

4. Virginia

Interactive story games are ideal for fairly simple trophies. This is also proven by the thriller Virginia . In the dramatic first-person game you as FBI newcomer Anne Tarverdas investigate the dark secret of a small town in Virginia and the missing person case of a young boy. In the picturesque style of a film noir you will experience a detective story of a different kind.

What do i need for platinum? For “Virginia” Platinum two game runs are required, but no superhuman gaming skills and less than 5 hours of total playing time. Above all, attention is required here. For a little more help, you can find a suitable trophy guide here .

5. The Town of Light

If you want to listen to the voices of Pandorya and Gronkh at the same time, you should secure the platinum trophy from The Town of Light . We play 16-year-old Renée in Italy in 1938. A psychological horror that does without jumpscares and instead shines with a lot of atmosphere.

What do i need for platinum? Some of the 21 PS4 trophies are activated automatically. Some even manage to get to the coveted main trophy in under two hours. Should you still need a little help when it comes to choosing the right words, you better have a look at this guide again .

6. Until Dawn

If indie psychological horror isn’t enough for you, you can also devote yourself to the motion capture masterpiece from Supermassive Games: Until Dawn . What looks like an absolutely clichéd, interactive horror movie, it kind of is. The atmospheric and graphically high-quality PS4 exclusive game is a lot of fun and can easily bring you platinum.

What do i need for platinum? In fact, you get the coveted achievement in “Until Dawn” pretty easily. None of the trophies can actually be missed, since after a one-time play of an average of 8 hours between individual episodes can be chosen and the trophy condition, such as certain collectibles, can be met retrospectively. A guide makes it even easier.

Bonus tip : It’s just as easy to secure the platinum trophy for the latest anthology games from Supermassive: The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan makes it just as easy for you!

7. Batman – A Telltale Series

Yes, the Batman: The Telltale Series has been around for a few years, but it’s still pretty fun on the PS4. The Gotham stories around Bruce Wayne are more similar to the Christopher Nolan films, which have proven extremely popular with DC fans. The game is divided into a total of five episodes and shines with cool dialogues and quick-time events.

What do i need for platinum? It’s really damn simple: all you have to do is complete each episode and chapter. If you have completely gambled through the game, you will immediately receive the coveted precious metal.



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