Xbox Game Pass: DOOM Eternal becomes 1st game after takeover


A few days ago a message shot through all the media in the gaming industry: Microsoft has incorporated ZeniMax Media along with Bethesda and Studios, the company is now completely in the hands of the Xbox parent company, and that with all brands such as  The Elder ScrollsFallout  or  Starfield .

Microsoft has been working  on pushing its in-house Xbox Game Pass for some time,  and it is probably with success. Within a year, the number of active members has recently increased by  50% .

DOOM Eternal bald im Xbox Game Pass

After the acquisition, the question of which game would end up in Xbox Game Pass first remained open. And now we know. Shooter king  DOOM Eternal  ( click here for  our test ) will be the first game that will be included in the Xbox Game Pass after buying up Bethesda, including Studio id software.

There’s even a date for the Xbox consoles. The   game will land in Xbox Game Pass for consoles on October 1, 2020 , and the PC counterpart will follow later in the year. The latter has not yet received a date.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has confirmed with regard to the acquisition that future Bethesda releases could even land in the Xbox Game Pass immediately. How it  behaves with the expansion  DOOM Eternal: The Ancient God Part 1 is still unclear. You can  read more about the expansion, which will be launched  on October 20, 2020 ,



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