Always Home: Amazon presents flying surveillance cameras for the home


Although civil rights activists have been criticizing for some time that Amazon has been constantly expanding its security portfolio since it took over surveillance camera start-up Ring two years ago for a billion dollars, Ring boss Leila Rouhi says that her company’s goal is still to serve its customers To provide peace of mind and not, as is often feared, to share recorded videos with law enforcement.

At an Amazon event on September 24, 2020, the US company finally showed that they are not even thinking about taking a step back but want to invest consistently in the future of surveillance devices and smart homes. With this in mind, several new products were introduced, including spherical echo speakers, a more human-sounding Alexa, and a flying camera.

Always Home: Amazon’s home security drone

The good piece goes by the name Always Home and is probably the most unusual device that was presented by Amazon on Thursday. The security camera from the subsidiary Ring is a mini drone that can fly through the household to cover different rooms. According to Dave Limp, head of equipment at Amazon, the drone is intended for people who cannot or do not want to place multiple cameras in different rooms.

The Always Home, a ring camera intended for indoor surveillance, is described as taking off from its base station, which is, for example, on a bedside table or living room cabinet, and then flies off to explore the apartment. It can follow a route specified by the owner or react to information from other sensors and fly there. For example, when a window has been opened or one of the echo speakers heard the sound of broken glass.

However, the drone only orientates itself in flight, manual control from a distance would not be possible due to the latencies alone. The drone flies with encapsulated rotors so that damage and injuries can be avoided if the monitoring device collides with household objects, people, or animals, for example.

Unfortunately, a few questions still remain unanswered after the short promotional video. The clip does not show how obstacles are recognized by Always Home. Other manufacturers use ultrasonic sensors for this, for example in the close range. In addition, it cannot be said how loud the drone actually is. Since it is supposed to be a deterrent both visually and by volume, it is probably not too quiet.

The flying drone is scheduled to hit the market at an unknown time in 2020, but initially only in the USA. However, the competent licensing authority Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the camera drone once approve.

A publication in Germany is planned if it should become popular with users in America. The price is said to be $249.99.



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