Resident Evil 8 – Village and Winters as the central node, developers via main characters


New information about “Resident Evil”. Capcom unveiled something new about Resident Evil 8: Village  , the next prank in the survival horror franchise , at Tokyo Game Show 2020  .

The roughly 2-hour presentation at TGS 2020 contained a lot of new information directly from the developer. The producers Peter Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda talked about the sewing box next to Director Morimasa Sato and Art Director Tomonori Takano.

Village and Winters as the main character and central story aspect

What are the key messages from the developers? It starts with the game name, which implies Village , because the village becomes a full protagonist in the game. In the end, that’s more important than the title might suggest. The developers speak of a main character . This character is described as “beautiful but scary”.

As part of the village, the creatures waiting in and around the village are supposed to move quickly and in packs. So they work together, which makes them even more dangerous.

Director Morimasa Sato explains that Ethan Winters only served as a camera in Resident Evil 7 . A blank sheet on which the players could project themselves. But from the story perspective it is better to characterize this person yourself. In the end they were very satisfied and one would have the feeling that one would like to find out what might have happened to him after RE7.

That’s why the protagonist in RE8 is Ethan Winters, which was already clear very early on. The most important question is what happened to Winters and how does he develop after these events in RE7?

Creepier than Resident Evil 7?

Art Director Tomonori Takano goes on to explain that RE8 should be even more scary than RE7. That’s why they changed some of the lighting in order to showcase the village as best as possible. Peter Fabiano emphasizes her ambition to make the world beautiful and terrifying. That should appear omnipresent.

Sato explains that they designed the village to feel real and alive. Many places in the area can be freely explored, which should surprise the players.

“There is a lot more freedom than in RE7. We want the players to experiment. “

Fabiano thinks RE8 should feel like a horror movie that you can play in the end. He also emphasizes that the players can take their time here and should definitely do so. The exploration and impact of the village is important.

Story book in Resident Evil 8: Village

Art Director Tomonori Takano speaks during the live presentation about a story book that they have integrated into “Resident Evil 8”. That is only part of countless aspects that they have built into the game, but this part is super important.

In particular, the story book would have such a high weighting so that the players would not be confused:

“What is this about? That wouldn’t be ideal. That is why the book summarizes everything. “

You can find out more information about the game on our topic page about the game . Resident Evil 8 is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.



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