Final Fantasy 16 – Bad graphics will be improved, confirms producer


Square Enix made a very momentous announcement in a recent PS5 presentation. You have introduced the next major entry in the “Final Fantasy” series. Final Fantasy 16 was thought of with an announcement trailer that includes the characters, the setting and a little bit of gameplay.

It quickly became clear that this was not a CG fireworks display that we would normally expect from Square Enix. For example, we remember the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake .

No CG fireworks for PS5 in Final Fantasy 16, but why?

With “Final Fantasy XVI”, the developers took a different approach and apparently put together in-game and in-engine footage. It seemed that way and the producers have now confirmed it.

They actually did that consciously, as producer Naoki Yoshida recently confirmed during a live stream on FFXIV.

There is one disadvantage to this approach. Some viewers were disappointed with the graphics, as they all expected at least a graphic refurbishment that makes a Final Fantasy seem worthy for the next-gen consoles.

To the regret of some fans, “Final Fantasy 16” didn’t seem like a next-gen hit for the PS5. But does the game even have to look like this? We’re not used to anything else from Final Fantasy, hence the big eyes of the fans.

But Yoshida has now given the all-clear. The graphics are far from final. They chose this route because they wanted to provide an up-to-date look at the game. It is therefore “realtime ingame footage”, as he explains. The graphic fine-tuning was not in the foreground in this regard. It is the game as it currently looks.

Since the release is years in the future in the worst case, it was just announced, and in all probability it can and will do a lot on the graphics front. It is not yet possible to say which updates will be integrated with regard to the next-gen.

The punch line is that we fans shouldn’t be put off by the trailer’s graphics while the developers keep tweaking the game. In any case, it will be exciting to see how much the graphics will change over time compared to the first trailer. That will have to be seen.

Either way, we got an extensive first impression of the idea of ​​the game and that was probably the intention of the producer.



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