Former Rockstar North boss raises millions & builds GTA competitor


The former head of the Rockstar North developer studio and major influencer of the successful Grand Theft Auto game series from “GTA 3” to “GTA 5”, Leslie Benzies, has raised a total of 42 million US dollars to set up his own development studio.

Benzies sets up its own development studio

Benzies left Rockstar North in 2016 after major problems with Take-Two-Interactive. Benzies later sued the company for unpaid fees of $ 150 million.

Benzies now wants to develop a GTA competitor with more than 130 other game designers. According to a report by the editors of The Telegraph, he is said to have received the initial capital for this from the Chinese gaming giant Neteas and the cryptocurrency investor Galaxy Interactive , among others .

Build a rocket boy

The new company of the former GTA developer is called Build a Rocket Boy and has studios in Edinburgh, Budapest and Los Angeles. The staff includes seasoned GTA developers and other game industry veterans. The first title is supposed to be called “Everywhere” and is a science fiction open world game in which “technology has brought mankind to the abyss through a virtual multiplayer simulation.” The game is supposed to incorporate traditional game mechanics with new ones Have elements that have been inspired “everywhere”.

Benzies said that for players who get “smarter and more active,” games need to offer a richer experience than previous titles as the goal is to meet the growing demand for better video games.

There are no further details about the game “Everywhere”. We will of course keep a close eye on this topic for you here on PlayCentral and report back should there be any new, exciting news.



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