PS Plus October 2020: These are the top 3 user requests from our survey


Every month, subscribers to Sony’s paid service ask themselves which free games will be added to PS Plus next . Although the most important feature of the subscription is the use of online multiplayer on your PS4, there are also at least two free games per month that can be downloaded by all members.

Even if some really good titles have already been found in the offer, the selection of games from Sony often differs with the personal wishes of the players. For this reason, we wanted to know from you in our survey in mid-September which PS Plus games you would like for October 2020 .

In the following we have evaluated your answers and listed the games with the most votes.

1st place: Days Gone (489 votes)

First place went to the open-world zombie title Days Gone , which was developed by SIE Bend Studio exclusively for the PS4 and was released last year. The Metascore on Metacritic is not particularly high with 71 points, but the user score is 8.2 points with over 6,800 ratings.

So you can see that the PS4 title is extremely popular among gamers . But whether Sony will really give you the opportunity to drive through the zombie-infested open world together with Deacon St. John in October 2020 is still uncertain.

We think so: Since the exclusive title was only released for the PS4 last year, Sony will probably not offer “Days Gone” for free as part of PS Plus. It would be more likely that the title will only end up in PS Plus offer when those responsible have officially announced “Days Gone 2”. So you either have to continue to exercise patience or acquire the title regularly. It is worth it in any case!

God of War (461 votes)

With the reboot of the “God of War” series, Sony and developer Insomniac hit the bull’s eye with gamers. When God of War was released exclusively for the PS4 in September 2018 , the action-adventure could only get top marks. The Metascore with 94 and the user score with 9.1 points (15,860 ratings) speak an unmistakable language: The players love the latest offshoot of the series, which revolves around the former Spartan military leader Kratos and his son Atreus.

We think: “God of War” is similar to “Days Gone” and the release is not that far in the past. However, Sony has officially a successor for the PS5 within the PS5 showcase recently announced .

Although there is not a lot of information about the new offshoot, just as little as a permanent name, fans are still excited. In our opinion, God of War won’t be available for free to PS Plus members in October, but the signs are good that Sony is already planning in this direction.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (449 votes)

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the third major PS4 exclusive that Sony and Insomniac brought to the PS4 two years ago and which has been very well received by fans. So it’s no wonder that the open world action adventure is also at the top of the PS Plus wish list.

As Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, you can explore a fictional Marvel version of New York City from a third-person perspective and fight super villains. The locomotion in the form of swinging the net is especially fun. The plot, specially devised for the game, even addresses the private life of Peter Parker and should, above all, entice fans of comics and films.

We think so: With Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , the most anticipated PS5 title for the launch of the next-gen console will appear on November 19, 2020, the release day of the PS5 in Germany. It is very possible that Sony would like to increase the advertising again before the release and offer “Marvel’s Spider-Man” in October 2020 for free to all PS Plus members.

But Miles Morales appears either in an 80 euro Ultimate Edition, which will also contain a remastered version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, or a standard version for 60 euros. Accordingly, it seems rather questionable that Sony will be giving away “Marvel’s Spider-Man” in the near future. But if it does, it would be a huge surprise and a big bonus for all PS Plus members!