PS5 – Mysterious Port turns out to be a K-Slot


A few days ago we reported about a mysterious port that can be found on the back of the PS5 . So far, Sony hadn’t talked about it and the community could only guess what this would be.

To remind you again which connection it was, it is best to look at the following picture:

PS5 mystery isn’t that mysterious

So far, a large part of the community assumed that it could possibly be a Kensington Secury Slot , or K-Slot for short . This is a connector that modern laptops bring with them quite often these days. This device can be used to protect the hardware against theft.

And in the end it is exactly that device for the lock, as has now been confirmed. If you want to display a PS5 somewhere, for example at an event, it can easily be connected in place with an additional lock that is not included in the PS5 box.

All other ports on the back:

  • 2x USB-A port (up to 10 Gbit / s)
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Power connection
  • and the K-Slo

What do you think of this little detail? Would you want to secure your PS5 against theft or is that out of the question for you anyway? The question is whether you would also put a lock like this in your living room at home. Probably less. But what do you think? Please write it in the comments below! You can find more news about the PS5 on .



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