PS5 sold out again: No further pre-orders for the time being


The run on the PlayStation 5 is amazing. Within a few minutes, all stocks of the first wave of advance sales , which began shortly after the release date and price were announced last week , were sold out. Yesterday dealers made a new contingent available for early buyers and that was also no longer available in a very short time. The PS5 is currently sold out again.

PS5: 2nd wave already sold out

The second pre-order phase was once again not that smooth. Various dealer sites have now come to a standstill. Still, it wasn’t impossible to secure a PlayStation 5.


That was probably the last chance for a PS5 for now

Saturn and MediaMarkt now state that the pre-orders have been completed for the time being. To make matters worse, there will probably no longer be any way to secure a PlayStation 5 in the Digital Edition or in the basic version with a drive.

MediaMarkt writes on the PS5 product page:

“Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the PS5. All PS5 consoles are now sold, so pre-orders have been completed for the time being. Please keep visiting us for further updates. “

The online retailer Amazon also writes that the quota has been used up and it is still uncertain when and whether there will be new options for pre-ordering. In addition, Amazon has already warned that not everyone will get a PS5 on the release day .

But: Whether the hope for many fans is now there to receive the new Sony console at the launch cannot be said with certainty. It may also be that the wording is inappropriately used by the retailer.

I couldn’t get a PS5: what else can I do now?

We can only recommend checking out the respective product pages from MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon, Otto and Co. from time to time. Maybe you are lucky and the dealers are adding more pre-orders. Sony wrote about a week ago that new PS5 consoles will be offered for pre-order “over the next few days”. It is unclear whether this only meant yesterday in the end.

Beware of resellers: you should definitely not buy the overpriced offers from resellers ! After the release, Sony will continue to produce additional contingents.

On the day of the release, the dealers will also make PlayStation 5 consoles available in the sales areas. Again, it is said that the early bird catches the worm.

Hopefully no cancellations: In any case, we do not hope that various PS5 pre-orders will be canceled by retailers , as was the case after the first wave of pre-orders.

The PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19, 2020 in two versions: The Digital Edition without a drive and the basic version with a drive. In this article I’ll tell you why I get the version with a drive and do so directly at the release . My colleague Christian Just, on the other hand, explains why he’s still waiting to buy it .