Silent Hill meets Amnesia in a new mod


You must have played this custom map for Amnesia: The Dark Descent ! In this idea, the two horror worlds meet. So in the Amnesia engine you play a card that is based on Silent Hill . The result is not bad.

There is currently various speculations that Konami is about to develop a new Silent Hill . Insiders even speak of two titles, a full reboot of the series and a Telltale-like episode game. Nothing here is official yet, but Konami tweeted some time ago that they haven’t forgotten their SH fans. Now.

Silent Hill: Pastime until you reboot

But for now let’s take a look at the new card from modder TrollForce . The card named Silent Hill Respite is something of a tribute to the horror franchise. There are innumerable references and citations relating to the first four branches of the series.

The map is set in a single room. So it reminds a little of “Silent Hill 4: The Room” or even Silent Hills (PT) . Unsurprisingly, the Café 5to2 from the original game. Will you all recognize Easter eggs? Here you get a little first impression:

According to the developer, it took about a month to complete the map in the form, with the textures taking the most time. If you’d like to try the map yourself, you can download it here .

From then on you can of course also try your hand at the new addition to Dead by Daylight . There was recently an addition in the form of Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason , who can now be played in the asymmetrical horror game.




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