PS5: Hundreds of canceled orders again with the 2nd wave


he second wave of PS5 pre-orders started last Friday . Those who missed out shortly after the PS5 showcase from September 16 to 17, 2020, were eagerly awaiting the second and possibly the last chance to receive a copy of Sony’s Netxt Gen console. Those who were fast enough and weren’t prevented from ordering by completely overwhelmed servers could consider themselves lucky.

PS5 Vorvorsteller-Chaos: Angry and angry customers

But just because the pre-order had supposedly worked and the money had already been debited from your own account, it was by no means a guarantee that the PS5 would actually arrive punctually on November 19th at your own four walls.

Already last week we reported in the context of the 1st wave about the pre-order chaos and hundreds of canceled pre-orders at Conrad Electronic and other online retailers. Now it has apparently hit the second wave of pre-orders for the PS5. More and more customers are reporting pre-orders that were canceled shortly afterwards.

In addition to Saturn, MediaMarkt and Euronics, the chaos in Otto’s online shop is said to have been particularly turbulent for PS5 customers. Angry and disappointed customers reported sudden cancellations, sometimes for no reason or simply having the money charged back without a message.

The reason for this confusion is said to have been errors in the merchandise management programs of the individual online retailers, which is why more items were sometimes sold than were actually available. Only then should the available contingent be checked, which is why some orders had to be canceled again.

Will I even get my pre-ordered PS5?

If you are unsure whether your PS5 will be delivered on time for the release day or at all, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on your e-mail inbox and bank account. If you haven’t received a confirmation email at all, your order will look rather bad, just as if the money for the console has been transferred back to your account. Also check the account with the respective online retailer regularly and check the current status of your order there.

Let us know in the comments about your experiences with pre-ordering the PS5 and whether there were any problems.