Starfield – Picture Leak: Is this what the new sci-fi game looks like?


A hot picture leak about Starfield has reached us. There is currently a lot of speculation as to whether the following pictures show the new “Starfield” from Bethesda. If this is true, these are the very first impressions of the game.

So far there is not too much information about and especially no pictures. Bethesda has not yet shown more than the short teaser trailer from E3 2018.

This short teaser just showed a little CG fuss with a little science fiction and space, and which suggested that it would be a spacey adventure. But what does the game look like in the end? Basically, we still don’t know today.

Starfield: Leak should contain pictures from the game

Now three pictures have reached the net, all of which are supposed to show the space adventure. The pictures just popped up on Imgur. Accordingly, it is completely unclear and basically not very likely that this corresponds to the truth.

Nevertheless, we take a look at the pictures and see how authentic they could be:

One of the pictures shows something like a spaceship . Makes perfect sense in a game called Starfield that is fully sci-fi trimmed. Another picture is even more exciting. It probably shows the main character in the third person view . The astronaut is probably standing on or in front of a space station. And on the 3rd picture we even see the user interface , which has an oxygen and carbon dioxide meter. There is also something like a gravity meter.

It can of course be pictures from a hobby artist. In any case, the art style could go well with the game. It basically works as one would expect from the idea of ​​Bethesda.

An important clue as to why one of the images appears authentic is actually the UI. It matches the art style on the game’s official website.

So is it an authentic leak or a very well-made fake? We won’t find out until Bethesda introduces the title in detail. Until then, we can continue to speculate.

Do you think these are real pictures of Starfield or has an artist thought of a trick?



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