Xbox Series X: So much space remains on the SSD for games


Microsoft has installed a hard drive in the upcoming Xbox Series X that is 1 terabyte in size and should offer you enough space for your games. In practice, however, many users will quickly reach the hard drive’s limits. And, of course, part of the SSD memory is used again for the operating system and system data, which according to IGN makes up around 20 percent of the total memory .

Accordingly, the bottom line is that you have around 802 gigabytes of internal SSD available to install games on. If that is not enough memory for you, you also have the option of using an expansion card from Seagate with 1 TB of memory. In terms of speed, this is exactly on the same level as the NVME SSD built into the Series X. But even in this case you will of course not have the full 1 TB available, but only 931 gigabytes. According to IGN, it’s only about 920 GB. We will explain why this is so in the following.

Why is the hard drive so much smaller?

But why is so much of the memory “missing”? Apart from the mentioned operating system and the system data without which your PS5 would not work at all, there is a gap of almost seven percent between the stated and actual capacity of all hard drives. But why is that?

Manufacturers indicate the capacity based on the decimal system and calculate 1 gigabyte = 1,000,000,000 bytes. It just looks better on paper and is also easier to pay off, but it is wrong. Since these sizes are based on the binary system, 1 KByte = 1,024 bytes and 1 GByte = 1,037,741,824 bytes. Of course, from a marketing point of view, 1 terabyte sounds significantly better than 931 gigabytes . However, this information is very confusing for end users who simply do not know the technical background.

What about the PS5?

The PS5 with drive just like the PS5 All Digital will both have an 825 GB SSD . But so far Sony has not announced how many GB still have to be used for the operating system and system data. However, this may also be the pure net memory on which you can install games. But you should also be prepared for the Sony console that the memory could run out quickly.

Especially if you install real memory hogs like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare including “Call of Duty: Warzone”. The current offshoot of the popular CoD series quickly confiscates over 200 gigabytes on your hard drive and will probably not necessarily be smaller in the future.

Memory expansion for Xbox Series X / S & PS5

You can also use memory expansion on the PS5, but in this case you have to pay extra again. In the case of the Seagate SSD for the Xbox Series X / S, you have to put a total of 239.99 euros on the table. But you also get a really fast SSD that is connected via PCI Express 4.0 interface and can achieve a transfer rate of 2.4 GB / s.

As an alternative, you can also connect an external USB hard drive to the Series X / S. However, this must support the USB 3.1 standard. However, you cannot install and start games on this hard drive that were developed for the new generation of consoles. So you’re limited to titles released for  Xbox One ,  Xbox 360  or the first  Xbox  . We have summarized all the details for you in a separate article:




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