Xbox Series X: The loading times are so much better compared to the Xbox One X.


We have already extensively on the finally available memory for games on the SSD of the Xbox Series X reports and also the direct comparison to the Xbox One X drawn. But because some large publications such as The Verge can currently hold an Xbox Series X in their hands for test purposes, there are a few more facts that concern the fast internal SSD of the next-gen console and have now become public .

Xbox Series X loading times

Probably the biggest and most obvious change in the new consoles is certainly the built-in SSD storage, which should lead to significantly shorter loading times.

But the manufacturers can tell us a lot, in the end only the facts count and this is exactly what The Verge has finally received through various tests. In a nutshell, loading times have decreased in all games that were tested. For titles like Sea of ​​Thieves , Warframe and Destiny 2 , the loading time of the Series X has been reduced by up to a minute or more.

If you had to stare at the loading screen for 95 seconds on the Xbox One X for Rockstar’s western title Red Dead Redemption 2 , it is only 52 seconds on the Series X. In The Outer World , instead of 27 seconds on the Xbox One X, it is now only 6 seconds on the Series X.

game Xbox Series X Xbox One X
CoD: Warzone 16 seconds 21 seconds
Red Dead Redemption 2 52 seconds 95 seconds
The Outer Worlds 6 seconds 27 seconds
The Evil Within 2 33 seconds 43 seconds
Sea of ​​Thieves 20 seconds 81 seconds
Warframe 25 seconds 91 seconds
AC: Odyssey 30 seconds 67 seconds
No Man’s Sky 87 seconds 133 seconds
Destiny 2 43 seconds 112 seconds

The reports say that “Destiny 2” is now loaded in about 30 seconds, while it was previously on the Xbox One X about a minute and on the Xbox One even a full two minutes. The values ​​should also be identical to a specially made PC that contains a fast NVMe SSD .

In addition, the significantly faster loading times will change the way the game is played. The time saved means that many more quests and tasks can be completed instead of constantly looking at the loading screen.



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