One Piece: Manga Chapter 991 – Epic Battle Kaido vs. Akazaya


Mangaka Eiichiro Oda approaches the 1,000 chapter with the Manga One Piece with big steps and at the same time the final battle of the Wa No Kuni Arc rages . The story of Monkey D. Luffy and his straw hats is more exciting than seldom before, which is why it is hardly surprising that all kinds of interesting events took place in Manga chapter 991 . Above all in terms of the final battle against Kaido .

One Piece: What Happened in Manga Chapter 991 ! – Recap

After X. Drake and Luffy managed to take out two of the Numbers with ease, and the former naval officer asked the Straw Hat to fight at his side, Zorro , Franky and even Jinbei are extremely dismissed by the idea and warn Drake about it to get even closer to their captain. But as always, Luffy sees the good in his counterpart and allows him to join the alliance.

When Page One and Ulti hear that Drake has betrayed the 100- beast pirate gang , they immediately want to take revenge on their former comrade, but suddenly Page One is hit by Usop’s attack Green Star: Skull-Explosion-Herb . Shocked by this unexpected blow, Ulti searches for the culprit, but not only finds himself facing Usopp, but also Nami , who joins the fight.

In this mess, Luffy and Sanji are still trying to find their way to Kaido, but Scratchmen Apoo gets in their way. Although the two now know that they cannot be hit by Scratchmen’s powers if they cover their ears, this tactic also makes a counterattack relatively difficult. In addition, Apoo uses his control over the numbers to call Haccha on the scene.

He immediately begins to rage in the rubble and presents himself as a real danger, but at the same time shows himself fascinated by the Franky Shogun . Franky and Jinbei want to take advantage of this fact to lure the giant from the battlefield.

One Piece: Manga Chapter 991 – Kaido vs. Minks

Zorro, who is still trying to keep X. Drake at bay, can see through the exchange of blows that Drake is serious about his statements and actually wants to help. The two are forced to form a team to take out Apoo so Luffy can move forward. Since the two are quite powerful together, Queen is now involved , who fires a machine gun at his opponents.

When Drake is about to announce that such a weapon could never stop him, he is horrified to discover that the ammunition is excite bullets that infect their victims with the terrible mummy virus that dehydrates its victims and brings them to life Mummies are made.

Meanwhile, Jack has lost the fight against Inuarashi and Nekomamushi on the roof and collapses with a broken tusk, which is why Kaido now interferes himself. He assures his subordinate that he is not weak, but that his opponents are particularly strong. Since Jack’s underlings and the rest of the Minks have defeated each other, only Kaido and the Akazaya are now facing each other.

After a brief exchange of not so nice words, Kaido goes on the attack and attacks the men with the red scabbards with his Boro Breath . At that moment, Kinemon takes the initiative and splits the emperor’s fiery breath with his foxfire style and finally lands a first hit with his sword. The other Akazaya finally announce that they have had enough of hiding and now want to die together.