Pre-order Demon’s Souls for PS5 now at Amzon, MediaMarkt and Saturn!


Sony shared a nice gameplay trailer for the remake of Demon’s Souls as part of the PS5 showcase. The roughly 4-minute trailer shows what the remake has to offer in a new graphic guise.

You can also pre-order the Souls classic now. The game is already available at some online shops such as Saturn and MediaMarkt :

Update from September 30, 2020: The PS5 version is now also available on Amazon!

Here are a few important side notes about the game for you:

  • Price : 79.99 euros in Germany
  • Release : November 19, 2020
  • Genre : Action RPG
  • Developer : SIE Japan, Bluepoint Games

Why is the price of Demon’s Souls so high?

At the price of 79.99 euros you shouldn’t be alarmed. This is not a bug. The shops list the right price. Sony has confirmed that some PS5 games will cost up to 80 euros. Why we pay more than customers in the American market is unknown.

It is important, however, that the developers are likely to make more work from now on, as they consider, for example, special features that increase immersion with the DualSense. This means that the haptic feedback, for example, would of course also have to be used accordingly, which ultimately results in costs.

Learn more about the new prizes for the PS5 game here:




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