Animal Crossing is celebrating Halloween: Everything about growing pumpkins, costumes and the big event


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally received its big fall update 1.5.0 and is celebrating Halloween in its very own way. How exactly, we explain that to you here. In addition to the new content, we will show you how to get the new objects, skin and eye colors and how to become a successful pumpkin farmer.

The update is already available for installation on your Nintendo Switch.

What’s in ACNH Update 1.5.0?

Since the new Animal Crossing patch focuses entirely on the colorful season and the gruesome festive mood at the end of October, the right content naturally finds its way into the game, including:

  • Sweets that can be purchased in Nook’s store
  • Pumpkins that can now be grown in your own bed and tinkered with into new items.
  • New emotions, skin colors, eye colors and costumes that have been adapted to the creepy Halloween theme.
  • NookLink update , with which players can express their feelings via NookPhone through appropriate reactions.
  • Favorite island lists with which slumberers and Nintendo Switch Online owners can now save their favorite dream islands and revisit them at any time.

There will also be a Halloween event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on October 31st, starting at 5:00 pm and going through midnight . For this purpose, all islanders gather on the appropriately decorated fairground and receive a visit from Jakob , the “Prince of Halloween”. It’s best to have some candy ready for him for horror-like rewards. Your neighbors will also be happy about lollipops and sweets and spare you from their pranks.

How to plant pumpkins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Vegetable growing is back in Animal Crossing! And by that we don’t mean the ragged turnips that you can buy at overpriced prices at Jorna, but plump and pretty useful pumpkins . Because they not only go well with the Halloween motto of the new update, but are also part of the new handicraft instructions that your islanders receive, among others.

How do I grow the pumpkins? To plant the decorative vegetables, you can buy the corresponding seedlings all year round from Gerd ( 140 sternis ) or in October in Nook’s shop (240 sternis ). Then you simply place the seedlings in an open field on your island and wait 3 days until they are fully ripe, then you can harvest them.

Different colors are created randomly : green , white , yellow and orange . You use the normal orange ones for crafting, the other ones for coloring your manufactured objects.

Do i have to water them? The pumpkins don’t have to be watered, but more offshoots will grow from a stem if you water them anyway. After your harvest, more pumpkins will also grow from the first stem sapling.

New clothes, skin colors, and eye colors

What would Halloween be without disguise? Probably pretty dreary. So that you can get in the right mood for the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” event on October 31st, in addition to sweets and sweets in Nook’s shop, new clothes and accessories are also available for sale at Tina and Sina or Schubert. Your character can either become a witch, mummy, fluffy devil or bat.

How do I get the new skin and eye colors? You have to sacrifice your nook miles for body painting and colored contact lenses. For every 2,400 sternis you get the corresponding sets that complete your horror outfit with green skin or pink contact lenses.