Cyberpunk 2077 crunchtime: developers have to endure 6-day weeks


Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the hottest releases this year. The game has been expected by fans all over the world for years and so it was already painful that CD Project had to postpone the release several times . The current publication date should be adhered to, however, the employees will have to work a lot of overtime – contrary to other promises.

Crunchtime: Numerous overtime hours for employees

Actually, there should n’t be any crunchtime in “Cyberpunk 2077”. The studio had assured that the staff did not have to work overtime so that the game would be finished on time despite the postponements. But nothing will come of it.

According to a report from Bloomberg , CD Projekt RED has now introduced 6-day weeks. So the developers have to work an extra day every week. A circular mail from studio boss Adam Badowski, this additional working time is needed to complete “Cyberpunk 2077” and the final touches on the game. The additional working time is paid.

In addition, anonymous employees report that they have been working overtime on weekends and at night for several months.

Studio boss takes the blame, but there is no other solution

In the past, the studio promised that there would be no crunchtime. Badowski is clear about this, as he addresses the employees again in the circular email, he takes all counter-reactions to himself.

Until some time ago he did not believe that crunchtime would be necessary. However, all other options have already been exhausted and there is no other solution.



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