GTA 6 or other game: Rockstar Games employee leaks unannounced project


The GTA 6 rumor mill continues, even if the new Grand Theft Auto offshoot has still not been officially announced. Now a Rockstar Games employee is causing further speculation.

Unannounced Rockstar Games project: GTA 6 or something else?

Rockstar employee has leaked work on a previously unannounced game. On the ArtStation page of the senior character artist at Rockstar Games, Emil Mujanovic, until recently there was talk of an “unnanounced project” that he has been working on since February 2020 . This information has now disappeared again .

It is unclear what this unannounced project is. The most likely would be “GTA 6”, which is likely to be in development with great certainty. However, another title could be meant, such as Bully 2 or a successor to LA Noire .

It remains to be seen until Rockstar officially announces what will be their next big title after Red Dead Redemption 2 .

In this article we roll up everything that has been known about “Grand Theft Auto 6” or that has been speculated by leaks so far. It’s worth taking a look!