Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Build your own rainbow boulevard


After Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which is coming to our living rooms as a completely new product from Nintendo as a combination of the real and digital world, has been reduced a little in price, the product may be more affordable for all Nintendo fans.

It no longer costs 129 euros in advance sales, but only 109 euros at retailers such as Amazon, who have already started pre-ordering.

build your own rainbow boulevard in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit? This works out!

If you are very familiar with the “Mario Kart” series, “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” has a special feature that you should like.

As the Nintendo Twitter account has now confirmed, there will be different scenarios that your routes will assume after they have been set up in the digital view.

Among these scenarios, there are snowy landscapesjungles, and even Rainbow Boulevard. In the end, you can create your very own Rainbow Road in Home Circuit, sometimes the most famous track in the Mario universe.

And this is very easy by placing the individual items (such as signs and checkpoints) contained in the box , for example nicely distributed in the living room. You can then add obstacles yourself and give the route the necessary something.

When you have tinkered with your individual route at home, you can start the rounds against your friends. You will then see the corresponding winter or sand look on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the fact that your living room will then be transformed into the Rainbow Boulevard.

The game will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2020 . There will also be local multiplayer . However, you need 2 karts and two consoles of the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite for this.



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