Amnesia: Rebirth – 1st gameplay trailer features puzzles


The developers of Frictional Games are working on a sequel to the popular Amnesia horror series. Amnesia: Rebirth was recently announced with an official trailer. Today there is a further insight into the upcoming horror spectacle.

Note: You can currently still pre-order the Xbox Series S from the next-gen consoles at these shops. The other consoles are already sold out.

Here you can see the new gameplay trailer for the horror game, which essentially shows puzzle-solving and a few extras:

“Amnesia: Rebirth” will be a direct sequel to the very first Amnesia: A Dark Descent from 2010. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was not a direct sequel because it played parallel to the first part.

What is Amnesia: Rebirth about?

In the new Amnesia, we slip into the skin of Tasi Trianon and have to explore the Algerian desert. You have to solve the famous tricky puzzles from the Amnesia universe in order to advance in the story and finally to escape the horror.

Warning: The title is not for the faint of heart! The developers have already confirmed that they have roughly doubled the psychological horror aspect and they want to turn the gamers’ worldview upside down. Fear, disillusionment, and confusion will accompany the game. So you have big ambitions. You’d better watch out!

On the other hand, we have to keep in mind that it is an indie title and therefore we shouldn’t expect top graphic performance like with modern AAA games. Amnesia: Rebirth releases October 20th for PC and PS4.

If you want more horror games, you should have The Dark Pictures: Little Hope from Supermassive Games on your screen next month . The game will be released on October 30, 2020 . You can pre-order it now.



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