Justice League is set to get a lot better with the Snyder Cut, according to Henry Cavill


A lot is likely to happen in the next DC screen adventures. In the upcoming “The Flash” movie, for example, Batman actor Ben Affleck appears to be returning and rumors of a comeback by Man of Steel star Henry Cavill are still persistent.

The latter recently revealed that he is already very much looking forward to the new version of the Justice League coming out next year. These are created by the original director of the DC film, Zack Snyder, for which he is said to have a budget of 70 million US dollars.

Snyder’s Justice League is “even better” than the old version

More precisely, as reported by Gamespot, Cavill was recently a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast and spoke to the moderators, among other things, about the Snyder Cut of “Justice League”, the publication of which fans had been demanding for years. The Superman actor said:

“[Zack] must be the train. I think it’s only fair for this train to get to the station it’s intended for. I think it is important that this vision be realized. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not. It’s a storyteller’s right, it’s a filmmaker’s right to make that vision come true. I am excited to see you. I’m excited to see what that vision was and what it looks like. He now has the benefit of review. It will get better. I just want to see a good film […]. “

“Justice League” started in German cinemas in 2017 and was not very well received by either fans or critics. In addition, the DC blockbuster, completed by director Joss Whedon, with an international box office of about 655 million US dollars (via The Numbers ) fell short of the expectations of the studio Warner Bros.

Several months ago, Zack Snyder, the actual director of the film who dropped out during production, announced that its original version would appear exclusively on HBO Max in 2021. However, the “Snyder Cut” does not yet have an exact release date.