The Witcher series about sorceresses? Another spin-off seems to be planned


The Witcher series is not clearly be the only show in the Witcher universe. A few weeks ago, “Nightmare of the Wolf” and The Witcher: Blood Origin were announced, an anime film and a six-part series spin-off that plays with Geralt von Riva, Yennefer, and Ciri 1200 years before the action. The casting for this started recently.

But there seems to be another offshoot to join these two. At least this is what the current rumors suggest, which were launched by insider Daniel Richman (via Redanian Intelligence ).

The Witcher series about sorceresses and magicians

While the production of the 2nd season of “The Witcher” is back in full swing after a Covid 19 forced break, Netflix is ​​already planning further offshoots of the series. The prequel “Blood Origin” and the anime film, which goes by the name of Nightmare of the Wolf and puts witcher mentor Vesemir at the center of the action, have been confirmed.

As Daniel Richman now revealed, however, there seems to be another project in the pipeline, which may focus on the sorcerers of the fantasy world.

Is another series offshoot realistic? That Netflix sees a gold mine in the fantasy universe shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the first season of “The Witcher” was a complete success for the streaming service, not least because of the enormous popularity of the video games from CD Projekt RED.

In addition, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and the spin-off managers Beau De Mayo and Declan De Barra repeatedly emphasized that the world created by author Andrzej Sapkowski is full of possibilities and stories that can be continued or told between the lines. There is more than enough potential material.

Is The Witcher getting a third season?

In addition, the chances are very good that the main series will also receive another season. Here, too, Hissrich referred to the wealth of stories before the release of season 1 and had already planned 7 seasons in advance.

So it is hardly surprising that the third season of Netflix was apparently already ordered before the second season of “The Witcher” even appeared. At least one entry in the corresponding database of the Writers Guild of America already exists.

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