Hands-on of the PS5: The fan is said to be particularly quiet and the console stays cold


During the YouTube Gaming Week in Japan on October 4th, several Japanese YouTubers had the opportunity to hold the PS5 in their own hands and get an impression of the new features. For this reason, a lot of new facts and information about the next-gen console from Sony are currently penetrating the public.

“PS5 fans cannot be heard”

The cooling solution that Sony installed in the PlayStation 5 seems to be particularly interesting for gamers. After all, the PS4 Pro has received a lot of criticism due to the annoying noise development.

In March of this year, Marc Cerny, a system architect for the PS4 and PS5, stated that the next-gen console should bring a solution for the volume. However, there are still no details on how Sony wants to keep the PS5 quiet.

But apparently, the signs are really very good that the PS5 will be delivered as quiet as a whisper in November. Dengeki Online reports this in a field report. Even after almost 80 minutes of continuous load, the PS5 was still so quiet that the fans were not noticed. The two launch titles “Astro’s Playroom” and Godfall were played during the event.

It is also reported that the PS5 was only slightly warm despite constant load and heat-emitting headlights that illuminated the location.

The available SSD storage on the PS5 is also interesting. Judging by a picture posted on Reddit that supposedly shows the console’s memory management, the available memory is probably quite small.



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