Fable also developed by Turn 10, a studio of the Forza series?


Fable is in development and the studio at work is Playground Games, a team known for the Forza Horizon spin-off series. However, according to recent rumors, another studio is also contributing to its development, namely Turn 10, the team behind the Forza series.

This “rumor” comes from the LinkedIn account of Turn 10 design architect Bill Giese. His current projects in fact include a game “Forza” and precisely “Fable”, with a link to a post entitled: “Finally I can say that I am working on Fable!”. Playground Games is based in the UK and has hired a large number of staff for the development of an RPG for a few years. Meanwhile, Turn 10 is working on a new chapter, entitled Forza Motorsport, but the project is in its early stages.

However, we don’t know if all Turn 10 is currently working on Fable or just some of the employees are focused on its development. We just have to wait for some new news from Microsoft: stay tuned with us for more information about it.

We remind you that Fable does not yet have a release date, but it will be available for PC and Xbox Series X / S.



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